Real estate

Cadi’s investment activities focus on value-added acquisitions based on opportunities. This type of investment is guaranteed by properties with an excellent market value, which safeguard 100% of the investment.

Commercial investments

Cadi works with small reliable companies, as well as with some established medium companies. This type of investment leaves high returns and is strengthened by our investment strategy.

Construction Engineering

Cadi has helped small developers, as well as general contractors, to advance in numerous construction projects, which are guaranteed by the land and by the project itself, leaving a great return with a 100% protected investment.


Effective investment management requires constant evaluation and sophisticated solutions. At Cadi, our teams of specialists create and manage services that provide different types of projects, manage multiple and complex cross-border assets, fiscal and regulatory matters, as well as planning and the continuation of the business.

We were also able to incorporate and manage Special Purpose Investment Vehicles, which facilitate the administration of resources within the variety of projects managed by Cadi, maintaining them in the appropriate regulatory compliance and offering a selection of investment strategy management and analytical performance reports. .

As an independent party, we work closely with a team of accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, tax advisors and other financial service providers without complications arising from corporate governance or restrictions from local regulators.

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