Cadi Holdings is a coalition of entities that specialize in selected commercial areas, such as: Real Estate, Strategic Investment and Construction Engineering.


Cadi’s investment activities focus on value-added acquisitions based on opportunities. This type of investment is guaranteed by properties with an excellent market value, which safeguard 100% of the investment.


Cadi works with small reliable companies, as well as with some established medium companies. This type of investment leaves high returns and is strengthened by our investment strategy.

Construction Engineering

Cadi has helped small developers, as well as general contractors, to advance in numerous construction projects, which are guaranteed by the land and by the project itself, leaving a great return with a 100% protected investment.


Cadi International Capital, LLC

A Corporation based in the United States that has already invested in a variety of companies, in which financial sources have helped develop projects in many different commercial areas, such as: construction, agricultural, aeronautical, business, etc. .

CIC studies the strategy of managing investments, thinking outside the box, experiencing excellent returns in the safest environments.

Consultores Asociados Dual Ingeniería, S.A.

An engineering firm with more than 40 years of existence, founded in Latin America with an impressive international network of professional collaborators; This firm has focused on the development of mass transport, hydraulic, electrical and civil systems.

In addition, Consultores Asociados Dual Ingeniería, S.A. he has continuously carried out not only Technical Design projects, but has also developed Construction Projects in different areas of engineering.

Castellaneta, Romero & Asociados

A law firm with international trade specialists, has dedicated lawyers who not only meet the legal needs of business, but also have an excellent relationship with international specialized professionals in areas such as: real estate law, inheritance, taxation and sports law .

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